Mailing and Data Solutions Ltd – for the end to end management and production of your data flow, printing and mailing processes.

Our reputation has been formed based on great customer service, fast and accurate job turnaround, and industry leading improvements to save you time, effort and money whilst getting the best response from your customers.
We believe that all our customers deserve the highest level of service whether you choose to mail
one hundred or one million items.


Data Analysis

Data cleaning is the process of finding and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from a data set. Used mainly in databases, the term refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect, or inaccurate parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting this data.

Data profiling models your data with the goal of creating a model of who your customers are. This can be used for tailoring and designing campaigns based on multiple elements including age, income status, and the way in which they respond.


Tailored Mailing

When designing your campaign, we can show the workflow based on your specifications. You can choose services that will have the greatest impact but with competitive prices. We can offer simple solutions such as envelope enclosing and wrapping. We can also cover data work, fully personalised mail pieces, and postal solutions to suit your deadlines.


Response Handling and Data Capture Solutions

Receiving and processing undelivered mail can be overwhelming, especially in large volumes. Mailing & Data Solutions have our own dedicated return address for any undelivered mail which we will then process and return to you in a pre-agreed format.
Removing this data from your next mailing would cut down your costs and ensure your customer database is up to date.


Postal Consulting and Project Management

We keep up to date with changes in the postal market. This allows us to source the cheapest, fastest, and best service to suit your needs.
We can discuss what mail you currently send, or what you want to send and advise of the best postal methods, and how we can save you money and time. We can also advise on a different way of sending your mail to get a better response from your customers.


Envelope Enclosing and Polywrapping

Choosing whether to use an envelope or polywrap for your mailing can be a difficult choice.  Each has its own merits and it’s important to your business to make the right decision.
Having customers see the product with a fully personalised carrier, including your company logo and a small advert, may be the correct choice if you’re selling a product. Having a private, unbranded envelope may push the recipient to ensure the mail is opened immediately.
 Speak with us to see what options best suit your needs.


Document Personalisation

Sending a personalised mail piece has been shown to increase customer interaction. We can show you how to get the most from your campaign by tailoring each letter to the specific customer and help you achieve a greater response rate.
Whether it’s a simple single page letter, or a large multi fold gummed poster, we have a solution.



Using a team of highly skilled designers, we can produce items such as a business logo or full customer catalogue.
We will take your design brief and create a plan-driven process, providing feedback in stages which allows a smoother sign off process as not everything is left until design is complete. Using this process also helps implement changes as the project progresses.


Secure, trusted and professional supply chains are in place – Giving you a flavour of the sectors we work within:

  • High and Further Education
  • Science and Technology
  • Print trade
  • Print Management
  • Design agencies
  • Theatre
  • Retail
  • Automotive
  • Local authority


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